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  • Versa-Pod 150-529 Bipod BattlePack LITE 9” – 12”

    Versa-Pod BattlePack Bipod LITE w/ Pan & Tilt, Cant Friction Lock, Size Extends 9″-12″


    150-529 LITE
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    Versa-Pod BattlePack LITE w/ Pan & Tilt, Cant Friction Lock Bench Size Extends 9″-12″

    This new configuration enhances all the things that make a Versa-Pod great. Tighter tolerances mean less movement resulting in greater accuracy. Versapod’s patented tool-less friction controls allow the bipod to be precisely positioned on target and locked in place on pre-load. (slight forward pressure) The knobs can also be adjusted to allow the slightest movement for following moving targets or precise target acquisition downrange. The down pressure of the powerful spring powered legs allow elevation adjustments to be made with the weight of the rifle. Quick and easy to deploy, the Versa-pod Battlepack LITE is the perfect bipod kit for all your shooting needs.

    The Kit includes:

    Universal Mounting Adapter

    Rubber Feet

    Ski Feet

    Raptor Feet