• FLIR Breach on Test with BASC

    06 September 2018

    James Sutcliffe is in the Deer Management team and tested the FLIR Breach over a number of weeks this summer.

    “The FLIR BREACH is by far the smallest thermal imager I have used, and found it performed as well, if not better, than many competitors’ larger units. It slipped easily into a jacket pocket, did not weigh me down and was also very simple to use, with a wide array of features including an array of colour palette options, recording and picture capture options and a very sharp and clear image. I used the BREACH during a weekends stalking on one of my properties as well as for a deer count for a commercial estate and found it to be an invaluable bit of kit. I was easily spotting deer further than I could see with my eye as well as in thick cover that would have otherwise been walked right past. The breach also came into its own when following the blood trail of one buck that ran after the shot, leading me straight to it. This could have taken several hours and the use of a dog without the BREACH. Overall an unbelievable product.”

    James Sutcliffe, Deer Management, BASC

    BASC takes a lead role as a representative body for both professional and recreational deer stalkers and managers. They contribute to the formulation of government policy, ensuring that all decision makers are aware that the most effective and humane method of managing deer is culling by shooting. In this respect deer stalkers represent a major resource for the effective management of deer, including the control of deer damage to farming, forestry and nature conservation interests.