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  • FLIR Scion PTM166 – Thermal monocular 640×512-12um-60Hz

    Professional Thermal Monocular. 12um, 60Hz, 640 x 512 resolution sensor.               “Lock-Span” image enhancement, wifi video streaming and image/video recording. 


    Model No:SCION PTM166
    Our Model No:SCIONPTM166


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    Product Features:

    See in darkness, low light, fog/haze, and even camouflaged targets in daylight.
    For law enforcement and SAR teams with critical tasks such as; search and rescue, surveillance, border control, port security, rural crime operations, urban crime operations, drug farm detection, organised crime operations, armed response work.
    • “Lock-Span” image enhancement mode. Essential for drug farm detection. Image enhancement for more detail by choosing which hot/cold things are ignored (eg: sky/water).
    • Detector resolution: 640×512
    • Detector frame rate: 60Hz
    • Detector pixel size: 12um (FLIR’s breakthrough Boson® thermal core)
    • View screen:  HD
    • Detection distance: <550m
    • Lens: 14mm
    • Field of view (FoV):  32° x 24° (wide angle)
    • Optical magnification: .7x
    • Digital zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
    • Image & Video recording (onboard)
    • Expandable microSD™ slot for extra image evidence capacity
    • Secure WIFI for video streaming to phone, tablet, computer using standard webcam apps.
    • Securely stream real-time thermal video to VMS command center via 4G routers
    • Intuitive button controls and simple internal menus for switching thermal palette colours (x6) & advanced features
    • GPS, compass and inclinometer
    • Picture-in-picture mode
    • IP67 waterproof and rugged 1m drop tested
    • Battery:        6x CR123A 3V lithium batteries
    • Battery life:  Up to 4.5 hours at 20°C
    • Optional:      8-10 hour rechargeable battery pack