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    Gun Cleaning Kits – A User Guide

    Gun cleaning kits are essential for firearms maintence to keep your gun running smoothly and functioning safely. Otis Technology offer a comprehensive range of gun cleaning kits for all kinds of firearms and applications including hunting, competition shooting and police and military use. Otis gun care products are 100% manufactured in the US from premium materials for a precision fit and longevity. The Otis gun care system will keep your firearms running safely and extend their useful life. Please see the following guide to find the kit that best suits your gun cleaning requirements.

    Best Gun Cleaning Kits for In the Field Cleaning

    The best gun cleaning kits for in the field cleaning. The Otis Softpacks are ideal for travelling or use in the field where space is at a premium. Otis firearm cleaning Softpacks are available for all types of firearms including pistols, rifles and shotguns. These kits use a pull through system that does not require rods and allows for an ultra compact space saving design. The kits contain everything required to clean your firearms including brushes, pull through, loops, patches and lubricant. Softpacks are available in a range of single calibre, double calibre or multi calibre kits.

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    Best for professional / High Performance Firearms – Otis Defender Kits

    Otis Defender gun cleaning kits are a dedicated range of cleaning kits for professional or competition firearms. These kits use a sectioned steel rod assembly for cleaning and come in hard wearing Cordura cases ideal for range bags, armoury or cleaning at home. Defender kits are available in a range of single or double firearms component kits.

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    Best for Traditional Gun Cleaning – Otis Rod Kits

    Otis rod kits are similar to the Patriot kits but are supplied with sectioned rods for those who like the tradition method of cleaning firearms. Otis firearm rod kits are available in a range of single calibre kits for pistols, rifles and shotguns.

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    Otis Rod Kits

    Best Value Gun Cleaning Kits – Patriot Kits

    Otis Patriot gun cleaning kits are an ideal entry level kit, they are firearms specific by calibre and contain the same premium grade components found in all other Otis tools kits & cleaners. Patriot kits are supplied in a hard plastic case with all the essential components necessary to clean your firearm thoroughly.

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    Best Rifle Optics Cleaning Kits – Optics Cleaning Kit

    Otis produce an optics cleaning kit for all your shooting related optics. Ideal for riflescopes, spotting scopes, range finders and binoculars. Otis optic cleaning kits are supplied with glass cleaning fluid, swabs, and glass wipes.

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    Best for Fast Gun Clening – Ripcords

    One and Done. The Otis Ripcord is a high tech pull through design made from rigid helix rubber core and braided heat resistant Nomex surface. Gun cleaning ripcords give a highly effective one pass clean to your barrel and take pull through cleaning to the next level.

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    Gun Cleaning Kit Component Resupply

    Otis premium components are available as individual items to replenish or expand your gun cleaning system.

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    If you have any questions regarding the best cleaning kit for your gun or component resupply please contact us using the below link.

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