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Since founding, Revision has delivered millions of kits of protective eyewear to forces all over the world. Ballistic protection meets flawless optics meets rugged durability in all Revision eyewear. With Revision’s interchangeable, situation adaptable spectacles and goggles, there’s no prism, no distortion, and there are no optical illusions—what you see is where you see it.

  • Revision Glasses

    We are pleased to offer Revisions range of military grade of protective glasses. Stingerhawk and Sawfly protective eyewear are used extensively by British and US forces, you too can trust the best eye protection available for your sport shooting disciplines.

  • Revision Goggles

    Trusted by military and law enforcement units worldwide Revision military grade ballistic goggles offer the best in ballistic eye protection. Wolfspider and Exoshield offer great protective options for paintballing and airsoft pursuits.