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  • Otis Law Enforcement Tool Kit for Pistols and Pistol Cal Carbines

    Otis Technology Law Enforcement Pistol Tool Kit 640-645 provides impeccable maintenance to one of an officer’s most valuable allies: his or her pistol. This Otis Tech cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your handgun or sub gun in optimum working condition for a long time to come. Residue like copper and carbon doesn’t stand a chance against the power of the cleaning kit’s Memory-Flex cleaning rod, which combines flexible aircraft aluminum with a nylon coating for a strong, supple cleaning rod that follows your firearm’s contours.


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    • A brass scraper tool set is also included in this Otis Technology kit, which contains a carbon-cleaning brass scraper, a pick to clean locking lugs, a pin punch for disassembly of pin-system handguns and submachine guns, an end brush, and rod handles for extending the reach of the scraper’s components. All of these cleaning tools are stored in a handy soft pack carrying case, which also includes two outer storage pockets for magazines, multi-tools, or other accessories you may need. The sheath comes with a MOLLE belt attachment so you can hook the Otis Tech LE Sub Gun Cleaning Kit to your service belt for instant weapon maintenance, even when you’re on your beat. Proper handgun maintenance can mean the difference between a successful bust and a life-threatening situation to a police officer, so why skimp on cleaning tools? Compatible with all handguns and sub guns from 9mm to .45 caliber, the Otis Law Enforcement Handgun Cleaning System takes care of your firearms from Breech-to-Muzzle.Compatible with all pistols and submachine guns from 9mm to .45 caliber
    • 3 x Memory-Flex cleaning rods
    • 0.5 ounce tube of Otis Ultra Bore Solvent
    • 100% cotton cleaning patches
    • Bore brushes
    • Featuring Otis breech to muzzle cleaning system
    • Contains all necessary tools to clean 9mm through 45 caliber handguns
    • Includes Gerber Multiplier
    • Includes scraper tool kit for cleaning the most critical and hard to reach areas of your firearm
    • Includes Stylus LED flashlight with red bulb