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  • Otis FG 645-45 Softpack .45 Caliber Pistol Cleaning Kit

    • 8 inches memory-flex cleaning rods
    • 100% cotton cleaning patches
    • 0.5 ounce tube of Otis Ultra bore solvent


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    Otis technology 45 caliber pistol cleaning system 645-45 puts professional grade handgun maintenance in your pocket. This useful cleaning kit includes enough tools to keep your 45 caliber handgun or SMG clean and working efficiently for multiple uses. Two 8 inches memory-flex chamber cleaning rods are included in this Otis cleaning kit, which bend and flex around the inside of your firearm for a thorough clean when combined with the included 100% cotton cleaning patches. Soak the cleaning patches in a dose from the Otis O85 ultra bore solvent for extra lubrication and protection. The Otis Tech 45 handgun and SMG cleaning kit also includes a bore reflector for nighttime bore cleaning and brass obstruction removers for clearing stuck cartridges and debris from the bore. Clean carbon deposits with the brass Scraper, scour your upper receiver with the straight pick, or disassemble your pin-system firearm with the pin punch for a part-by-part clean. All these tools and more slide easily into the compact soft pack case that zips shut and can slip in your pocket until the next time you need to perform maintenance on your handgun or sub-machine gun with this Otis technology product. The Otis 45 pistol maintenance kit is a handy, effective method of keeping your handgun in peak operating condition.