• OTIS Gun Cleaning Kits, Tools & Solvents

    Otis Technology manufacture a complete range of gun cleaning kits for, hunting, competition shooting and professional use. The kits are US made from premium components for a perfect fit and reliable resupply. Otis also offer a wide range of gun lubricants and CLP’s, and hearing defence products. For more detail, please check out our comprehensive Gun Cleaning Kits User Guide.

    • OTIS Gun Cleaning Kits

      OTIS Gun Cleaning Kits (43)

      Otis are a leading manufacturer of high quality gun cleaning kits and firearms maintenance products. Otis kits range from individual firearms, including pistol, rifle to multi-gun kits.  The range includes compact Softpacks, ideal for hunting, the comprehensive Defender cleaning kits, affordable Patriot and Rod kits. All kits are supplied with precision engineered components that are available as resupply products. Otis also produce industry leading CLP’s and cleaning chemicals and a range of ear defence products.
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    • OTIS Ripcords

      OTIS Ripcords (17)

      OTIS Ripcords deliver the best one-pass gun cleaning you can get. Run it through your barrel from Breech-to-Muzzle, with no gravity feed necessary. The rigid, helix-shaped rubber core keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore, engaging the rifling for an aggressive clean. The braided Nomex® surface can take up to 700° heat, so you can clean at the range or in the field while the barrel’s still hot. It’s fast, effective and ultra-portable.
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    • OTIS Hearing Protection

      OTIS Hearing Protection (7)

      OTIS manufacture innovative hearing protection devices for shooters, including FLUGZ custom formable ear plugs, and Earshield, an innovative lightweight and compact alternative to traditional ear muff designs and Ear Shield ear defenders.
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    • OTIS Replacement Parts

      OTIS Replacement Parts (28)

      Everything you need to keep your firearms shooting like new. Expand your collection with new Tufcore brushes, restock on cleaning patches or order replacement items. Make your gun cleaning kit fit your needs with these additional items. All precision engineered by OTIS to fit your existing cleaning kits perfectly.
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    • OTIS Tools

      OTIS Tools (4)

      Genuine OTIS Tec tools for specialist cleaning of Modern Sporting Rifile bolt systems.
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    • OTIS Cleaners & CLP’s

      OTIS Cleaners & CLP’s (6)

      OTIS' comprehensive range of premium quality CLP's, Bio CLP's and specialist cleaners and lubricants for professional and competition use.
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