• Revision Goggles

    Trusted by military and law enforcement units worldwide Revision military grade ballistic goggles offer the best in ballistic eye protection. Wolfspider and Exoshield offer great protective options for paintballing and airsoft pursuits.

    • Revision Wolfspider Googles

      Revision Wolfspider Googles

      The Revision Wolfspider goggle streamlines size, weight and design for superior comfort and equipment compatibility. Precision engineering at its finest, provides an uncompromised field-of-view, best-in-class ballistic protection and high performance frame technology for comfortable, extended wearability. Plus, with distortion-free flawless optics that ensure what you see is where you see it, and OcuMax® coated lenses for fog-free vision, this is the goggle for tactical and military operators.
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    • Revision Exoshield Googles

      Revision Exoshield Googles

      The Revision Exoshield is and extreme low profile eyewear system. Designed to provide extreme low-profile defence for fast-moving, dynamic missions. The Exoshield features a high performance, scratch-resistant, anti-fog lens, offering superior ballistic protection and flawless optics. The close-fitting lens optimizes NVG and gear compatibility.
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