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    Versa Pod Rifle Bipod User Guide

    This Versa-Pod rifle bipod user guide highlights some of the key features to look for when you want to purchase a bipod.

    Why use a Rifle bipod?

    A sandbag makes the best shooting platform, but as carrying a sandbag isn’t practical the bipod is the best lightweight solution.
    Not having to hold the rifle elevated for long periods of time allows for a more enjoyable shooting experience.
    Knowing how to correctly use a Versa-Pod rifle bipod will assist you in reproducing shots, improving accuracy and precision.

    Versa-Pod have improved upon the original Parker-Hale bipod design to create the ultimate lightweight, multi-function bipod. It is the manufacturer of choice for demanding precision shooters who value design, construction quality, and product integrity.


    Most Versa-pods have both panning (tracking) with 18° of left-to-right movement, tilting (elevation) and canting (rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise) for the rifle. Canting allows for aligning your rifle vertically when shooting on slightly uneven surfaces.


    Using Versa-pod canting adapters, you can tighten down the cant and pan knobs on the head of the bipod to manually stop any movement. This completely locks your bipod in place.

    The updated design of the original 50 series bipods, this “Locking” series allows the shooter total control of pan, tilt and cant by manual adjustment of two locking wheels. These locking bipods can be tightened or fully locked in any plane of adjustment.

    50 Series Datasheet


    Without the cant adaptors and based upon the original Parker Hale design these non-locking bipods are lighter weight and offer a full range of movement in pan, tilt and cant.

    They can lock in place when leaning your weight forward onto the bipod into a firm position.

    Classic Series Datasheet


    All adjustments can be made without taking your finger off the trigger.

    All Versa-pod side bipods can be easily flipped down into deployed position or flipped into the parallel position to the barrel using one hand.

    The clip-on bipods (i.e. 50 series, as well as models 923 and 925) are quickly removable with one hand as well.

    Versa-Pods fold forward and rear, depending on your preferred direction, making them easy to carry mounted. This is not typical of most bipods on the market.


    Versa-pod offer a full range of heights from super short bench rest, standard and long leg sitting models. The height of the bipod references the height from ground to the level of the barrel. Using an M16/M4/AR style weapon with a magazine, Versa-pod recommend the 7”-9” bipod for a 20 round mag and the 9”-12” bipod for a 30 round mag.

    For bolt guns, it is based upon your preference for barrel height above the ground.

    Super Short 5” – 7”
    Short 8” – 9”
    Standard Prone 9” – 12”
    Long 15” 23”
    Sitting 20” – 31”

    4 Sitting Position 1
    Versa Bipod sitting position
    Versa Bipod sitting position
    Versa Bipod sitting position
    Versa Bipod sitting position


    Versa-Pod bipods are available in rubber, metal ski and raptor designs. Rubber feet are the best all round options and offer additional grip when shooing bench rest of on vehicles. Ski and raptor feet are best suited to sand or uneven or soft ground allowing weight to be spread.

    versa Bipod feet
    versa Bipod feet
    versa Bipod feet


    Versa-pods are available in light weight alloy and steel designs and all steel models for when more weight is desired.

    Versapod quality

    versa pod bipod materials


    Versa-Pod® does a variety of adapters (eg: 603, 611, 630, 621, 622) for standard bipods and bipods that mount directly to the Picatinny Rail (eg: Quick release models 150-923 & 150-925, Lightweight models & MZ bolt on heavy-duty bipods).

    For Hunting Rifles
    Universal Adapter for Uncle Mikes sling swivel stud. The most popular adapter for hunting rifles. The hand stop fits to a universal sling swivel adapter. The rifle sling can them be attached to the handstop by either a stud or sling swivel loop.

    For AR Style Competition Guns
    Versa-pod have a number of picatinny adapters for direct rail mounting to your AR style rifles. Generally these designs are all steel for durability and mounted using hex wrenches.

    For Target Rifles
    Versapod offer UIT hand stop adapters for target rifle shooting and flattop adapters with universal sling swivel stud adapters for Jagdmatch rifles.


    versa pod bipod adapters
    versa pod bipod adapters
    versa pod bipod adapter
    versa pod bipod adapter
    versa pod bipod adapters


    Battlepacks combine the highly adaptable Model 50 Versa-Pod plus 3 interchangeable sets of legs plus a multi-cam camo pouch, making is easy to use the bipod in a wide variety of terrain and shooting applications.

    The kit includes legs with non-skid rubber feet for bench, range, or vehicle hood; “ski” feet for wet, porous terrain like mud, clay, or wet grass; and raptor feet for the roughest, slipperiest conditions. Quick-deploy legs, available in two different leg height adjustability ranges: 7″-9″ and; 9″-12″ legs

    300 Series Battlepack Datasheet

    versa-pod battle pack
    versa-pod battle pack


    If you still have any queries that are not answered in this bipod user guide, feel free to contact us.