• Tenmile Long-Range Riflescopes

    The Tenmile tactical scopes for long range precision shooting. Constructed with ultra-lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium housings, and anti-scratch coatings. Featuring multi-coated broad-band anti-reflective glass, a choice of focal planes and battery powered complex reticles in either red or green for long range target shooting applications.

    • Tenmile 4-24x50

      Tenmile 4-24x50 (1)

      All Tenmile riflescopes are built to take a beating while maintaining zero. The 4-24x50 has excellent light transmission, selectable illumination and precise adjustments to give you the confidence you need at longer ranges.
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    • Tenmile 5-25x50

      Tenmile 5-25x50 (1)

      The Trijicon Tenmile 5-25x50 riflescope gives highly precise, repeatable adjusters with excellent light transmission for proven accuracy in any lighting condition.
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    • Tenmile 6-24x50

      Tenmile 6-24x50 (1)

      The Trijicon Tenmile 6-24x50 long-range riflescope - designed to engage targets at long distances. Built with extreme durability - tested to military standards and protocols. Featuring a daylight bright reticle with an illuminated LED dot.
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    • Tenmile 3-18x44

      Tenmile 3-18x44 (1)

      The Trijicon Tenmile 3-18x44 is a first focal plane riflescope. Get pinpoint precision at multiple ranges with outstanding quality and design for repeatable precision in all weathers.
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    • Tenmile 4.5-30x56

      Tenmile 4.5-30x56 (1)

      The Trijicon Tenmile® 4.5-30x56 is the flagship long-range riflescope from Trijicon. With its exceptional light transmission, generous elevation and windage adjuster travel giving pinpoint accuracy in any conditions.
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    • Tenmile 5-50x56

      Tenmile 5-50x56 (1)

      The Tenmile 5-50x56 second focal plane riflescope. Featuring the widest magnification range of all Trijicon's riflescopes, the dual green/red illuminated reticles assist clear aiming. The Tenmile 5-50x56 performs in the harshest of conditions.
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