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  • Versa-Pod 150-071: Model 71 – Short Prone Bipod with Ski Feet

    Based on the original Versa-Pod® Model 51, the Model 71 has the same basic feature like Pan & Tilt, Cant Friction Lock and Ski Feet. Adjusts from 7″ to 9″ fully extended. (1.28 lbs [0.54 kg])
    Includes Universal Mounting Adapter.


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    The Model 71 – very similar to the model 51 but with Ski Feet. The Model 71 was made for achieving consistent accuracy while shooting at the range. The Model 71 is that perfect ‘in-between’ size and still has all the great features of the 50 Series including a rugged design with quick and easy to use features. With its ski feet, the Model 71 can be used on many natural terrains especially slick surfaces to lock into place for accuracy and comfort. Perfect for porous surfaces i.e. mud, clay, soggy grass, etc. Again, like the Model 51, it has both Pan & Cant Tilt friction locks. The legs have ski feet that extend from 7 inches to 9 inches.


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    Weight1 kg