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  • Versa-Pod 159-529 Battle Pack 9″-12″

    The Versa-Pod 150-529 Battle Pack – a 9″ – 12″ Prone Bipod with Pan & Tilt and Cant Friction Lock. Includes; Rubber Feet, Ski Feet and Raptor Feet – to suit any terrain you might find yourself in.



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    Versa-pod BattlePack Bipod w/ Pan & Tilt, Cant Friction Lock Larger Bench Size Extends 9″-12″  – MOLLE Pouch included. Versa-Pod BattlePack – Bench. This new configuration enhances all the things that make a Versa-Pod great. Tighter tolerances mean less movement resulting in greater accuracy. At the range, on patrol, or in the mud, with just a few simple turns change your legs to suit whatever terrain you find yourself in! Patented tool-less friction controls allow the bipod to be precisely positioned and locked in place. The knobs can also be adjusted to allow slight movement for following moving targets. Molle pouch will easily integrate into your existing configuration. This unit adjustable from 9″-12″. Includes US Made MOLLE Pouch. Raptor , Ski and Rubber Feet. Pan & Tilt Lock Cant Friction Lock Light Weight and Rock Solid Spring Loaded Legs MOLLE BattlePack Pouch US Made YKK Type zippered MOLLE compatible carry pack made of heavy duty, woven nylon. This pouch was designed to hold the BATTLEPACK main bipod assembly and all three sets of legs. Works on other Versa-Pod models as well.


    The VersaPod BattlePack – 9″-12″ fully-locking bipods, with interchangeable spring-loaded legs.

    Rubber Feet for purchase on smooth surface.
    Ski Feet for stability on soft, wet ground.
    Raptor Feet for solid position on sandy dry ground.

    Does not include a specific adapter, however universal or Picatinny adapters are available.

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