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  • Versa-Pod 50 Series Upgrade or Replacement Head

    50 Series bipod head for Versa-Pod®, upgrades any classic series
    Versa-Pod® w/pan & tilt and cant friction controls



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    Converts Versa-Pod Classic Series or Accuracy international bipods to 50 Series.Includes patented friction, pan and tilt lock controls.Versa-Pod 50 Series Upgrade or Replacement Head Convert your standard Classic Series or Accuracy International Versa-pod bipod into the 50 Series. This bipod head has the patented friction pan and tilt controls the Versa-pod is known for. The ability to lock the bipod in position greatly increases accuracy, and allows the shooter more confidence in the shot. This head can be used as either an Classic Series or Accuracy International Bipod upgrade item, or for head replacement on your Versa-Pod 50 Series Bipod. Easy installation and mounts to any standard Versa-Pod “Spigot” type adapter.