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Versa-Pod 160-001: Model 1 - All-Steel Standard Bipod with Ski Feet

The Versa-Pod® Original with a twist - Standard Bipod with ski feet - plus All-Steel construction. Adjusts from 9" to 12" fully extended. (1.58 lbs [0.72 kg])
Includes Universal Mounting Adapter.

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The Model 1 All Steel - the heavy-duty, all-around size for the versatile shooter. With its ski feet, the Model 1 can be used on many natural terrains to lock into place for accuracy and comfort. Perfect for porous surfaces, i.e. mud, clay, soggy grass, etc. Plus the All-Steel construction gives the bipod an almost unbreakable body. The legs have ski feet that extend from 9 inches to 12 inches.