• Versapod

    Versa-Pod have improved upon the original Parker-Hale bipod design to create the ultimate lightweight, multi-function bipod. Versa-Pod continues improve on design and build quality with locking models, micro to extended length and Battlepack models as well as a comprehensive range of adapters to mount most firearms.

    Versa Pod Rifle Bipod User Guide

    • Versa-Pod Locking Bipods

      Versa-Pod Locking Bipods (13)

      The Model 50 is a development of the original Parker Hale design offering Pan Tilt and Cant friction locks allow the bipod to be precisely positioned and locked in place. The bipods are available in a number of height ranges with rubber of ski feet and spring loaded legs. For more information please check out our Versa-Pod Rifle Bipod User Guide.
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    • Versa-Pod Non Locking Bipods

      Versa-Pod Non Locking Bipods (16)

      The classic Parker Hale design available in a full range of heights from mini bench rest bipods to siting bipods. These bipods have a wide range of hand stops and adapters to suit your shooting sport.
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    • Versa-Pod Bipod Mounting Adapters

      Versa-Pod Bipod Mounting Adapters (19)

      Versa-Pod mount systems have many adapter choices that enhance the utility of your bipod. We offer universal adapters that will fit almost any rifle along with specific models designed especially for a particular rifle. All adapters are designed to be easy-to-install and generally do not require any modification to the basic firearm. The same superior materials and attention to detail goes into each adapter as the bipods. The mounting adapter is interchangeable with all the 50 Series and Classic Series Versa-Pod bipods.
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    • Versa-pod Battle Packs

      Versa-pod Battle Packs (4)

      Battlepacks combine the highly adaptable Model 50 Versa-Pod and 3 interchangeable sets of legs let you configure the bipod for a wide variety of terrain and shooting applications. Kit includes legs with non-skid rubber feet for bench, range, or vehicle hood; “ski” feet for wet, porous terrain like mud, clay, or wet grass; and raptor feet for the roughest, slipperiest conditions. Quick-deploy legs, available in two different leg height adjustability ranges: 7"-9" and; 9"-12" legs.
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