• Wiley X Glasses

    Wiley X’s Changeable lens system offers the most versatile protective eyewear solution possible. Each frame is designed to allow the lenses to be easily removed and replaced so wearers can adapt to any lighting condition whilst maintaining critical ballistic and laser protection.

    • Wiley X Saber

      Wiley X Saber (9)

      Functionality and durability in a semi-rimless frame design, with adjustable telescoping temples, ensuring complete protection of your eyes. Depending on your activity, you can choose to use either the temples or the Saber Advanced elastic Strap, and combined with the 360˚ wire-core nosepiece, adaptable to all nose sizes and shapes, you are, no matter the choice, always ensured comfort, and is available in one, two, and three-lens kits,
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    • Wiley X Vapour

      Wiley X Vapour (2)

      A lightweight frame with an aggressive design and an outstanding field of view, in a unique, bold look, packed with versatility. The flexible frame design guarantees a fit on all head shapes, and the rubberized Twist Lock nosepiece ensures a superior grip during almost any activity. The COMM model temples offers a comfortable fit, when wearing earmuffs and other ear mounted communication devices, ultimately making them almost unnoticeable, keeping you focused all day long. Available in both two and three-lens kits, you have the option to change the lenses as needed for your lighting conditions and environment. Designed with style and comfort in mind, the WX VAPOR is here to keep you safe from unexpected impacts.
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