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  • Trijicon Rifle Scopes

    Trijicon is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of optical sights, with their roots in military supply Trijicon’s innovative MILSPEC designs cover the full range of optical solutions from mini reflex sights, fixed magnification combat scopes, variable magnification scopes, and electro optics. Enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology in your hunting pursuits or competition shooting sports.

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  • Revision

    Since founding, Revision has delivered millions of kits of protective eyewear to forces all over the world. Ballistic protection meets flawless optics meets rugged durability in all Revision eyewear. With Revision’s interchangeable, situation adaptable spectacles and goggles, there’s no prism, no distortion, and there are no optical illusions—what you see is where you see it.

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  • Versapod

    Founded in 1994, Versa-Pod improved on the original Parker-Hale bipod design to create the ultimate lightweight, multi-function bipod. Versa-Pod continues improve on design and build quality with locking models, micro to extended length and Battlepack models as well as a comprehensive range of adapters to mount most firearms.

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  • CAA

    Innovative and durable polymer accessories to improve a wide range of firearms. Products include Picatinny mounted vertical grips, Picatinny folding grips, Picatinny sling swivels, Picatinny bipods and mounting solutions.

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  • FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared

    We took military-grade technology and put it in commercial cameras. The result? FLIR - Forward-Looking InfraRed, the most advanced thermal scan on the market. The night will be bright as day thanks to FLIR. 

    Simply look through a lens, and even in the darkest night, the Forward-Looking Infrared will provide you with a brilliant and crisp image capable of detecting even the most deceiving heat signature.

    With FLIR, nothing goes unnoticed - The technology behind these outstanding cameras has been proven effective thanks to its extensive use in law enforcement and even military operations. The Forward-Looking Infrared will make sure that every hint of heat is translated to a crystal clear picture.

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  • Nextorch

    Nextorch are a multi Red-Spot award winning manufacturer of cutting edge flashlight technology for hand held use and firearm mounted lamping applications. Nextorch feature some of the highest output designs available and come packed with innovative features.

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  • Nextool Multi-Tools

    Extraordinary quality & value multi-tool. Sharp blade, excellent scissors, full size pliers, aggressive saw, decent screwdrivers & pocket clip.

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