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  • Versa Pod Shooting Stick

    Versa-pod Solo-Pod Shooting Stick Monopod


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    From the Mountains of Alaska to African Safaris, the Versa-Pod Solo-Pod Shooting Stick will deliver a rock-steady rifle support in all terrains.Versa-Pod Solo-Pod Monopod Don’t miss that shot of a lifetime. Light weight and built for flexibility, the Solo-Pod provides rock solid monopod support for all your shooting situations. Rifle/Shotgun Adapter: This monopod will adapt to literally thousands of different styles of firearms. The included sling swivel adapter installs on any typical sling swivel and can be switched from rifle to rifle with ease. The push-button release allows the monopod to be carried separately in the field, and set-up only when needed. Since the Solo-Pod fits on a typical Versa-pod adapter, additional adapters can be purchased separately for all types of hunting or shooting configurations. This feature allows the Solo-Pod to be used on several rifles or shotguns in your collection. Height Adjustment: The Solo-Pod offers distinct advantages over the typical Bipod, Shooting Sticks, or Monopod with the included trigger mechanism that allows precise height correction with a simple squeeze of the lever. The tilting head allows Up/Down micro-elevation adjustments by slightly leaning forward or back while taking the shot. The Solo-Pod allows infinite height adjustments from 23 ¾” to 67 ¼” from center of bore, making this the most comfortable and effective mono-pod on the market. The shooters height and position have no bearing on the comfort ability. If the shooter is standing, sitting, leaning against a tree, or kneeling the mono-pod can be adjusted to perfect height in literally seconds! The built-in tilting head allows shooters to shoot from a blind, tree stand, and up or down grades with ease, for maximum accuracy and confidence in every shot. This makes the Solo-Pod a great choice for any hunting or shooting application. Used by top varmint shooters and hunting tour guides worldwide! From the Mountains of Alaska to African Safaris, the Versa-Pod Solo-Pod will deliver a rock-steady rifle support in all terrains. Dimensions: Overall length Folded: 22” Overall Length Fully Extended: 66” Center of Bore: 23 ¾” x 67 ¼”